Computer Assist employs technologies based on their power, flexibility, and available support.

What we use

At Computer Assist, we focus on technologies that are proven to give us the capabilities we need.  Our technologies, both provided by external vendors and developed in-house, are powerful and flexible.  Third-party tools must have a well established pool of resources including their support and user base.


Microsoft's .Net technology is incredibly powerful, flexible, and has a huge community of developers and other resources.  Be sure to read Barry's Blog post on .Net Technologies to gain an understanding of the tremendous benefits in using .Net.


AJAX enabled web sites and Internet applications are highly interactive and responsive.  The slow process of submitting pages to get a response from the server is no longer necessary.  Some requests can literally take a fraction of a second.  Simply put, the hourglass is becoming a thing of the past!

Telerik UI Components for ASP.Net/AJAX

Telerik is the leading vendor of rich User Interface tools built on the ASP.Net Ajax framework.  Their tools integrate seamlessly with ASP.Net web sites to create sophisticated, elegant, and compelling web interfaces.


Computer Assist has developed a robust framework for managing web sites.  This framework is the foundation for Communities-OnTheWeb, and supports


When a third-party solution is identified that works and meets our needs, we will not hesitate to integrate it into your solution.  After all, there's no value in reinventing the wheel.

Of course, as we evaluate other vendors' offerings, we adhere to very strict selection criteria.  We will perform a technical review of the offering as well as a review of the company to make sure their products will be well supported into the future.

Custom Development

As you would expect, third-party solutions just sometimes don't fit the bill.  They may not fit the needs, or they may lack flexibility to grow as your needs grow.  In those cases, we are very capable of developing just what's needed.

Custom developed solutions have the benefit of being completely design to fit the needs of the solution, rather than having to alter the needs to fit the solution.

Our custom solutions always meet your needs.