Products & Services

Computer Assist offers Expertise-based Consulting Services, Powerful Custom Web-Based Business Solutions, and Customized Robust Community-Centric Web Sites.

Community-Centric Web Sites

Online Communities

While brochure-ware web sites have their place, all will agree that in order to take true advantage of what the Internet can do, you need to offer real service to your user community - whether you are looking to build a social or business-focused community, or serve the community of your customers.

Our web sites are built on a framework that has resulted from years of developing powerful solutions for our clients.  Now you can reap the benefits, which come in the form of completely integrated Web 2.0 features such as:

  • a personalized portal interface,
  • complete member management,
  • easily editable pages,
  • blogs,
  • image galleries,
  • discussion boards,
  • live chat, and
  • integrated site search.

Our community web sites are perfect for establishing a new online community, extending an existing offline community such as an association or chamber of commerce, or catering to the needs of your customers.

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Consulting Services

Anyone can offer consulting services.  The trick is to find someone with expertise whom you can trust.

Computer Assist has been helping companies and government agencies for years, and is ready to help you take advantage of that experience.

Our expertise covers the design and implementation of sophisticated business solutions with a vigilant eye toward information privacy and security.

Custom Solutions

There are times you want to use existing solutions to address your needs, and there are times where your needs are very unique and a custom solution is required.

Our phased approach at developing custom solutions get you up and running as quickly as possible, and then continually evolves to meet additional and changing needs.

Our agile and rapid methodologies mean you get what you need when you need it.